SoftPanels 1'x2'
SoftPanels 1'x2'
SoftPanels 1'x2'
SoftPanels 1'x2'
SoftPanels 1'x2'
SoftPanels 1'x2'
SoftPanels 1'x2'
SoftPanels 1'x2'
$ 1,995.00 USD

SoftPanels 1'x2'

  • 1x2 ft [30x60cm] LED Light
  • Honeycomb grid, gel fame and soft case included
  • Built in digital LED/ambient color meter
  • AUTOCOLOR™ matching feature
  • SKIN ENHANCE feature
  • Variable Color: 2700K - 7200K
  • 95 CRI Ultra High Color Fidelity LEDs with extended red spectrum coverage for great skin tone rendition
  • 65,000+ hour LED lamp life
  • Full range ultra smooth 100% to 0 dimming
  • High light output equivalent to: 1000w tungsten soft light, 2900 lux/269 FC at 4ft (0.8m)
  • Silent operation
  • Wattage: 100w
  • Runs on AC or high-current battery (V-mount or gold integrated battery mounting plates)
  • Universal AC input 90-260 volts
  • Very energy efficient, less than 3A, 120VAC
  • Flicker free at any frame rate or shutter angle
  • 20ft AC power cord (USA, UK or EURO plug)
  • Vertical and horizontal mount positioning
  • DMX built in for remote control of color and dimming
  • Soft wrap around light quality - great for HD imagery
  • Weight - 16.5lb (7.5kg)
    SoftPanels 1’x2’ & 2’x3’ fixtures can be operated using either AB Gold mount or VLock mount batteries. (Mount option chosen at checkout)

     The batteries need to be a high current model and must give a continuous amperage of >10A . Anything less will not power the lights.

     We recommend the following batteries for use on SoftPanels lights:



    • BV270HD
    • BV190HD
    • BV100HD

    These batteries have a RED gasket and a RED sticker to designate them as being designed for products with a very high current draw.


    • IDX DUO-150
    • DUO-C190
    • CUE-D150
    • E-HL10DS
    • EHL9

    AB Gold mount:

    • Anton Bauer Dionic HCX

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